You've probably been wondering, "Where's the sun?" Here it is middle of June, and things are just starting to warm up in California. I mean, I've actually been sleeping with clothes on. LOL!  

Well, I'll tell you where the sun's been—I had it. See, there was this party with the gods I attended back in January.  Helios got drunk and I beat him in the best round of Go Fish I've ever played. (It was a pair of aces for anyone wondering). Long story short—I won the sun and have been holding onto the big, fiery ball with the promise to return it to the heavens the same day the anthology was released.


Just in time for the season, Summer Heat features sizzling hot reads from four of the freshest voices in the erotica genre. It packs so much heat, no wonder my INK is Dripping ;) Plus, it's FREE!! (no, I'm not delirious from heat exhaustion, it's FREE!! Yeah, I'm cool like that.)

You all swing by here enough to know about me, so over the next couple weeks I'd like to introduce you to the three fabulous women who joined me on this road of erotic deviance: Ms. Downlow, The KWEEN, and Perri Forrest.  All were such darlings to work with and their words are just how I like 'em—Hawt and Whet!

Summer Heat is available now through Smashwords.  Go download your copy now, and tell a friend to tell a friend to... :) Here's the link:  

AND, because the characters in my short just wouldn't shut up, they've forced me to INK a couple thousand more words to finish the beginning of their tale. They've turned themselves into a series (*sigh* I swear, ya' give 'em an inch...) So, SATURDAY, June 18th, the extended version of my story, Shaken and Stirred, will be available for download for FREE (there's that word again). Why Saturday? One Vulcan Mind Fuck too the story and you'll understand :)

Oh, and as always, thanks for Licking My INK!