How's it going peeps?

It's been so long since I've posted, I had to knock the cobwebs off the corners of my blogger screen. Sheesh!

But my absence has been for good reason. I've been hard at work at On The Rocks book 4 in the Kizzie Baldwin series. Plus there's a HUGE rebrand for the look of the series that speaks more to the heart of what Kiz and Xander are all about, y'know, lust, guns, and blowin' shit up. *g*

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That New ISH!

Hey! How's the summer treatin' everybody?

I'm great, 'cause I've finally finished my spring cleaning, and it is GLORIOUS!

Let me explain:

I've been wrestling with rebuilding my website for, oooooh, close to forever. I tried wordpress (and nearly threw my laptop), I tried building from scratch (and cursed a blue streak). Nothing was working, but I knew the site I had wasn't doing it for me.  The old site was…cramped and tight and I'm a Sagi who looooves her space. It was on a platform where changing things was harder than Xander right before Phil banged on the door in Sake Bomb! Yes. That hard, folks. ;)

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Salting nuts - My whet blog tour

First, let me send mad props to my girl La Kata for bringing me on this blog tour. 'Preciate ya! Y'all be sure to check out her amazing book of poetry, A Deeper Me —available now— and hit her on her blog. My current release is Sake Bomb and it's book 3 in the Kizzie Baldwin series. Had a blast writing it (and spending the 3 months after I wrote it thinking about how I could have done it better, LOL) but now, four quick Q's to catch you up on the latest in the wonderful world of whet ink.

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