Shaken & Stirred available now FREE!!

Yep, it's me again. Just swinging by to announce my latest, Shaken & Stirred, available now for FREE!!! 

Here's the download link:

So go there now for the extended version of the short that has spawned my newest series!  Thanks to everyone who has downloaded their copy and sent their friends to do the same! I appreciate it. 

Some of you may have read the original version featured in the free anthology Summer Heat. If you did, you were promised something: How to make a Vulcan Mind Fuck, (not to be confused with a regular old Mind Fuck). The VMF is great if you're a rum drinker, and a trekkie. I'm both. So here's the link to the recipe.  *Sable sez: Drink responsibly.

Back to books.

Next in the Kizzie Baldwin series is WALLBANGER! It's set for a November release. Now there's just the little part where I have to INK it. Which means it's time for me to get off my blog.

Hope you'll join me later in the week when I introduce you to the women of the Summer Heat anthology. Til' then, thanks for Licking My INK!