Pinky: "What time, Brain? Oh, right, you mean to take over the world?"

Brain: "YEEESS! Well...after we party with SABLE JORDAN!"

Pinky: "Narf!"

That's right, folks. Even super cute villainous mastermind BRAIN (formerly known as "The BRAIN")  is coming to hang out with me. Something about WHET INK taking over the world... So, where am I gonna be this week? Well, today through the 10th I'll be partying over at Brenda and Steve's place.  CLICK FOR VIP ACCESS! 

You know me, I love to spread the INK. So come on over; there's even a hottie cabana boy serving the drinks! RAWR!  And if hottie-Mc-hot-HAWT cabana boys aren't your bag, well, PINKY and BRAIN will be there, too. And they're awful cute ;)

Brain: "Pinky? Are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

Pinky: "I think so, Brain, but where will we find hot pants our size?"

Brain: "Remind me to flog you later.  This is the part where you say go forth and LICK MY INK, Pinky." 

Pinky: "Right, TROZ! Go forth and—Ooh look, a shiny!"

Brain: "You have the focus of a lima bean..."

*this message not endorsed by Pinky, Brain, Wacko, Yacko, or Dot...Or anyone else remotely affiliated with Warner Brothers. In fact this post didn't even happen. *Wayne's World fingers* "Squiddley-do squiddley-do squiddley-do!"