Shaken And Stirred

-Kizzie Baldwin Erotic Thriller Book 1-

An easy operation goes FUBAR fast… 

Secret agent Kizzie Baldwin is tasked with a simple mission: Infiltrate the yacht party of Xander Duquesne and steal Intel on Formula 3-19. Kizzie’s expects caviar and champagne, but when she lands dab smack in the heart of a wild BDSM party and comes face to face with the sexy Xander Duquesne, the veteran agent realizes she might be in over her head. 

Criminal mastermind Xander Duquesne prides himself on being prepared. Finding the alluring Ms. Baldwin skulking around his boat doesn’t surprise him. He knows what she’s come for, even knows who sent her. And, being a Dom, he knows exactly how to punish the vanilla agent for daring to cross him. But his overwhelming attraction to her proves more than even he can handle. 

Can Kizzie get her mission accomplished and avoid Xander’s punishment? Or will they both end up shaken and stirred?