Sake Bomb

-Kizzie Baldwin Erotic Thriller Book 3-

One agent. Two bombs. 
And a Dom… 

Fresh off a sanctioned mission that hits too close to home in the memories department, secret agent Kizzie Baldwin gets the notice she’s waited five long months for—Xander and Phil have located Sumi, their sole lead on the salted bomb HRV. The only problem? Sumi’s dead. 

Abandoning the stability of clandestine ops, Kizzie goes rogue with her favorite criminal Dom, Xander Duquesne. Together, they search the streets of Tokyo to track down and stop HRV before it goes off. But there’s a second bomb, a bigger bomb, triggered by the explosive friction between impatient operative and determined Dom. And there’s no way to stop it. 

If Kizzie comes out of this alive, will she still be a good agent? Or be His good girl?