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Kizzie Baldwin Series

Xander is the yummiest bad guy EVER and I cannot get enough of him, Kizzie is to die for and I WANT TO BE HER!! These 2 have such HOT chemistry and I want MORE!
— V, Amazon Reviewer

She's a badass secret agent for a covert unit in the CIA. He's a criminal, and her mark...and a DOM. What could possibly go wrong?

The Kizzie Baldwin Erotic Thriller Series is chock-full of twists and turns, deceptions, awesome locales, and smoking hot sexy time! If you like strong heroines with just a teeny bit of... okay, with a lot of snark and heart, and bad guys who make said heart go pitter patter, then yeah, you're gonna want to read this series ASAP!

Click a cover to get started now! (And Book 1, SHAKEN AND STIRRED, the short that started this madness, is F-R-E-E!)


Kizzie Baldwin Omnibus Vol 1



Looking for a quick read that really packs a punch? Then get stuck in with one of my single titles. 

Spend a day "on stage" with a DOXY, get lost (or found?) in the French countryside with a SINNER, or bite into a juicy apple with a god. These reads are shorter than my full-lengths, but still pack in all the dripping whet sexiness of an SJ story.

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