Remember this one?

Way, way, waaaaaay back in 2010 (when we still had polar caps and white rhinos), I penned my first book, DIFFERENT SHADES OF GRAY. This was right on the tail-end of the reality dating show craze, when things like Flavor Of Love graced our TV sets and I was present for every episode because I grew up a huge Public Enemy fan (Still know all the lyrics to Night Train and do the dance. #BigClocks4eva #JudgeSomeoneWhoCares). 

Anyhow, I wrote DSOG purely off of feel. I hadn't yet been (corrupted) by the many writing courses I've since taken, and was perfectly content with how the story turned out... 

Until I reread it. UGH!

I cringe whenever I open up that Word file (See, I wasn't even sophisticated enough to know what a Scrivener was!), not so much because it was terrible but because it could've been so much more.

So I figure, why not make it more? I love the storyline, I love the characters. Why not rewrite it?

That's what's happened. Well, is happening. When I said "more" my muse, god love her, decided to give me a whole lot more. Like an 8-book series more. Yeah. 8 books. Eight: 2 in rewrites, 2 others already plotted and 4 still waiting to see where the first 4 take us.

So, that's that. They'll be out... in 2019.

Better start writing, huh.


We want some mo'!

That 8-book series isn't the only bit of magic my muse has given me lately. Also in the works:

  • WITH A TWIST: Kizzie Baldwin Bk 6 - mid 2019 release
  • *(I have a title but I'm not telling yet)*: Kizzie Baldwin Bk 7 - late 2019/early 2020 release
  • The Kizzie Baldwin Spinoff Series - early 2020
  • Secret Trilogy #1 - early 2020
  • Secret Series #2 - TBD
  • Secret Series # 3 (Yes, these are 3 separate series) - TBD
  • A handful of Standalones - TBD
  • A couple of smoking-hot, downright filthy shorts under my new pen name, Ms. Whet Ink (sprinkled in throughout 2019), plus the


I've been working on this for the  last year or so. It's gonna be BIG! I get stoked every time I think about it which is kinda always, so yeah, drop your email down below and get on the mailing list so you'll be the first to know when things go live!