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How's it going peeps?

It's been so long since I've posted, I had to knock the cobwebs off the corners of my blogger screen. Sheesh!

But my absence has been for good reason. I've been hard at work at On The Rocks book 4 in the Kizzie Baldwin series. Plus there's a HUGE rebrand for the look of the series that speaks more to the heart of what Kiz and Xander are all about, y'know, lust, guns, and blowin' shit up. *g*

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Welcome to my Parlor: Tonya Kinzer!!

It's been a while since I've brought you a new author here at the parlor, but I am sooooo excited to introduce you all to the extremely talented Tonya Kinzer. If you follow erotica (which I know you do since you're reading this blog) then you've definitely heard of Tonya and her Boss's Pet series.  But on the off chance yo haven't, you have NO idea what you're missing! 

Okay, I'll stop jabbering. Tonya's in the chair and all set to get tatted. Time to drip some INK! 

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