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Keep Calm and SAKE BOMB!

(Sidebar: I was trying to duplicate that awesome helvetica meme, you know, john & paul & ringo & george, but it got to be a production so I said screw it.)


Sake Bomb is officially out, peeps! I know some of you are already in the know, and some of you have hit me with awesome e-mails because you've already ready it (YAAY) and loved it!

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Finally FREE! #GoLickInk

Hey Peeps!

It's been FAR too long since I've dropped some INK here on my blog—for good reason, I'm still getting through Sake Bomb and matching deets with the next in the series (the name of which I won't reveal just yet...ain't I a stinker?)  

So, I'm swinging by today with some even more exciting news.  Amazon—titan of the ebook-verse that it is—has finally got its rackin' sackin' sassafrassin' act together and made my latest collaborative release FREE! 

NAUGHTY GRAS features 4 smokin' hot stories, guaranteed to curl

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Pinky: "What time, Brain? Oh, right, you mean to take over the world?"

Brain: "YEEESS! Well...after we party with SABLE JORDAN!"

Pinky: "Narf!"

That's right, folks. Even super cute villainous mastermind BRAIN (formerly known as "The BRAIN")  is coming to hang out with me. Something about WHET INK taking over the world... So, where am I gonna be this week? Well, today through the 10th I'll be partying over at Brenda and Steve's place.  CLICK FOR VIP ACCESS! 

You know me, I love to spread the INK.

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What'd I Miss?

Whoa, is it really the middle of May already? Ugh! I'm very much behind schedule, which, for anyone playing along at home, is totally normal for me. Still bugs me no end. Of all the things I got really good at, procrastination is chief among them. *sigh* Now I know I said before I wouldn't be one of those fair weather bloggers, but too much has happened in the last month. Some good, some bad...actually, a lot of it bad. No worries, it takes more than a little rain to ruin a Sable parade!  But given what I was up against I had to decide: keep INKing the WHETness you all love or blog. Blogging

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