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Pinky: "What time, Brain? Oh, right, you mean to take over the world?"

Brain: "YEEESS! Well...after we party with SABLE JORDAN!"

Pinky: "Narf!"

That's right, folks. Even super cute villainous mastermind BRAIN (formerly known as "The BRAIN")  is coming to hang out with me. Something about WHET INK taking over the world... So, where am I gonna be this week? Well, today through the 10th I'll be partying over at Brenda and Steve's place.  CLICK FOR VIP ACCESS! 

You know me, I love to spread the INK.

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"The difference between pornography and erotica is lighting."

~Gloria Leonard

I follow different blogs because, let's face it, there are people out there doing what I'm doing and doing it well.  On some of the romance blogs, people comment about how they often skip books tagged "erotica" because they're just about sex. Not true.  But it's not entirely their fault for feeling that way.

Depending on which site you go to for a definition, erotica is

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Just For Laughs

Just thought I'd share some of my randomness with you. As it happens, even when I'm writing an e-mail to my sis, I find a way to do so with flair!
The sitch: I hadn't talked to my sister in a long time.  So what better way to get her to e-mail me than with threats of an alien abduction. (note: Tori's refers to a pair of kick ass Tori Burch boots she bought. It'll make sense in a minute.) Observe.

Hello dearest,

 It has become disturbingly apparent that you've been abducted by aliens. Don't panic.

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