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Ain't No Rest for the Wicked...

Well, folks, time to relace the Timbs, pull on your hoodie and get back in the trenches. 

According to a recent article by Selena Kitt on TheSelfPublishingRevolution, the week-old PayPal reversalhasn't quite trickled down to the company's Customer Service reps.  So, while in digital ink PayPal has said it's okay for us wicked erotica writers to continue providing the obscene material guaranteed to hold our reservations in hell, they haven't actually allowed for payment processing of those "icky"titles that depict rape, bestiality and incest (pseudo, psycho, or psotherwise).  In fact, these things are still "Banned". *Dun, dun, DUUUUUUNNNN*

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But, PayPal, I thought we were friends…

I mean, seriously, it’s right there in your name!  For those of you who haven’t the foggiest what I’m talking about, I’ll streamline it for you as only Sable J can. *wink*

PayPal recently dusted off its TOS (or inked in a new line, you be the judge) and said, “Holy strawberries, Batman! Are we ever in a jam! We’ve been accepting and processing payments for people that sell *gasp* erotica?  For *gulp* years? This simply won’t do! We must rectify this posthaste!”
So, out went the PayPalettes, zipping off form letter after form letter to indie ebook distributors, like BookStrand and ARE, and to indie publishers who sell directly from their sites, like the super awesome *insert stadium applause*.  And what was in that letter?

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