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Welcome to my Parlor: Jessa Callaver

Hi peeps!  Hope your New Year's celebrations were a blast! I'm still a little tipsy from the wine, but it's time to get this gravy train a movin'! Let's kick off the New Year with a new author! *insert auditorium screaming* 

The first installment of the 2012 Welcome to My Parlor series features an author who, if you haven't heard of her, you need to.  Allow me to introduce you to the super talented, super sweet Jessa Callaver!! Jessa's all set to Drip her INK so let's get this party started, K? 

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Welcome to My Parlor: Erotica author Michele Hope!

As promised, today in the Parlor we have erotica writer, Michele Hope!  If you missed Saturday's post—SHAME ON YOU!  LOL! I'm kidding...a little. *snerk*  If you missed it, go HERE to read a steamy little lick from Michele's new releases, Service Rendered

Okay, Michele's in the chair and ready to get INKed, so let's get this tatt party started, shall we?

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Welcome to my Parlor: VARRSITY

Welcome back to the parlor! This week in the hot seat is sensational writer, VARRSITY, who was nice enough to come drop some INK about his writing.  All right, time to get tatted.  Ready, set, leeeegggooooo!!

Sable: Hey Varrsity! Thanks for swinging by the parlor to chat with the readers.  Let's start with a little introduction about yourself.

Varrsity: This is always the hardest question for me to answer. Let’s see. I’m mortal, but the goal is for me to write my life away so my stories are Immortal. I’m just a regular guy who has big dreams and I work hard to achieve them.

Sable: And you kick-started that dream by publishing your first book.  Tell us about it and the motivation behind it.

Varrsity: My first book, Married 2 Struggle was my first attempt at giving “Man Birth.” The inspiration was me challenging myself. Since high school, I told my classmates that I would someday be a bestselling author. But back then, I was more into writing poetry, so I

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Welcome to my Parlor: Tonya Kinzer!!

It's been a while since I've brought you a new author here at the parlor, but I am sooooo excited to introduce you all to the extremely talented Tonya Kinzer. If you follow erotica (which I know you do since you're reading this blog) then you've definitely heard of Tonya and her Boss's Pet series.  But on the off chance yo haven't, you have NO idea what you're missing! 

Okay, I'll stop jabbering. Tonya's in the chair and all set to get tatted. Time to drip some INK! 

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