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Welcome to my Parlor: Erotica duo Brenda and Steve!

Today in the Parlor, I'm pleased to introduce you to erotic writing tag team, Brenda Woody and Steve Tindle, whose latest release, Temptation Triggers, is sure to get your blood a-pumpin'! Time to get INKED...

Sable: Hi, Brenda and Steve! Thanks for swinging by the Parlor to chat with us.  Can you tell the readers a bit about yourselves?

Brenda: I’m significant other of and co-author with Steve Tindle. I was born 5-3-1960, a published author and freelance writer for eHow, Yahoo! Associated Content, Coffeejitter and Plano Sex & Relationships Examiner, Waiting to hear from (tapping foot), I applied to write there weeks ago. Between Steve and me, we have seven grown children and four grandchildren.

Steve: I was born 3/5/1960 (see Brenda’s date). Brenda and I

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