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Are you "Social" or just "Networking"?

“Now, if I'm Bobby —can't even act like I forgot your name 'cause I didn't know it in the first place—I'm tryin' to nut and get up.” ~ Deuce

The above quote is from a character in a book I wrote called Devil’s Flame, (not out yet, but definitely coming soon).  And while the context this was written in had to do with an argument over edits, I think it’s fitting for my topic today: Social Networking. 

The last thing people want is for someone to tell them what to do, unless you’re a submissive, in which case it’s an entirely opposite bowl of cranberries. But I have to say

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It's My Book's Birthday!!!

That's right, today Different Shades of Gray is officially available for purchase! *dougies*  And like Nina says, I'm Feelin' GOOOOD!

This week was utter madness.  Best laid plans were tested, hair was pulled out.  A positively horrible time to give up candy and soda (for Lent) and I think my Muse went on strike.  She loves her candy (Yes, I'm blaming her completely).  As a result I haven't written anything, which tends to stress me out.

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