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#SampleSunday to #LickMyInk

It’s that time again!

*insert cheering crowd*

But first, an update. I've been a little lax with blogging only because there are some MAJOR things in the works... well, major for me. :) And I'm juggling five outlines and an edit while INKing a couple shorts for anthologies. This girl is tired. So the blog had to take a mini break.  

But I'm back, so let's move along to what you're here for, another LICK of MY INK!

This yummy taste comes from the current release, DIFFERENT SHADES OF GRAY

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#SampleSunday lets you #LickMyInk

I'm posting a lick here, but if you know like I know, you can lick the first 78 pgs of my book for FREE! Today's Lick is from the recently released Different Shades of Gray:

   I mean, sure it's a God-given talent to slide from the top of a pole and drop into the splits on the floor and still manage to have all your lady bits intact, but did I really need to see that? 

      So anyhow, there I stood, awaiting the arrival of my jet-setting model sister

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