That New ISH!

Hey! How's the summer treatin' everybody?

I'm great, 'cause I've finally finished my spring cleaning, and it is GLORIOUS!

Let me explain:

I've been wrestling with rebuilding my website for, oooooh, close to forever. I tried wordpress (and nearly threw my laptop), I tried building from scratch (and cursed a blue streak). Nothing was working, but I knew the site I had wasn't doing it for me.  The old site was…cramped and tight and I'm a Sagi who looooves her space. It was on a platform where changing things was harder than Xander right before Phil banged on the door in Sake Bomb! Yes. That hard, folks. ;)

Anyhow, after about a year and some change of working and reworking (and kvetching to my girls Jessa and Perri), and brushing up on .css and buying templates — (Seriously, the wordpress templates? HTML5 or .css? Parallax or regular scroll? Sliding gallery or flip gallery? Ecommerce or woo commerce? Font size and style and color, oh my. Too. Many. *(@^#*&@#%&@ OPTIONS!!! #HulkSmash!)— after all that I finally came across Squarespace and fell. In. LOVE.

But the road wasn't easy. There's a slight learning curve and when you're juggling a separate business, plus new books, and an "other half", building a site is pretty low on the priority list. Still, it found a way to impede on any other progress I was making anywhere else in life. *sigh*  I finally buckled down and gotterdun, and now I'm super stoked to share it with you!

Just this morning the site went live! I'm doing my happy dance and the #naenae… From start to finish, including the monster dunk, it looks a lot like this: 


Since I was brushin' dirt off my shoulders and feeling like "new look, new feel, all new err-thang", I put a little of the new whammy on the blog here too. I'll spread more of the whammy sauce to FB and Twitter in the days to come.

On top of the Site going live, I also got a new cover for Eros Fell and it is DIVINE! The lovely Gabrielle over at COVER YOUR DREAMS gave my story the face it needed. She's so easy to work with, had a vision that I couldn't even imagine, and gave me exactly what I didn't know I wanted. (So authors, check her out if you need some art done!)

Think I'm just yammering? Compare the before and after…and try not to laugh.


(in case you're not paying attention:< before  after >

You're laughing, aren't you? LOL! It's fine, I'm laughing, too. If I showed the first one to Charles Barkley he'd say, "It's turrible, Ernie." :D

Thank bacon Gabrielle knows what the hell she's doing!

So, that's where I am. I've got a new home, I've got a new blog look. I've got a spank new book cover! Are you diggin' my new digs? Tell me what you think in the comments. Oh, and spread the ink by sharing.

Stay whet my lovelies!

Sable J