Slip a Sable under the Tree...For FREE!!

No, that whole "slip a sable" bit won't ever get old 'round these parts.

And, lucky you, it's a TWEETABLE: 

Tweet: Slip a Sable under the tree for FREE! #FreeReads #Erotica #RT

Okay, before I get to the meaty (or vegetable-y) awesomesauce bit of this post, umm, who'n the hell told 2013 it could fly by like someone stuck a Roman Candle up its ass and lit the fuse? Really, 2013? REALLY?

Anywho, my kvetching in the previous para might have let on to the fact that it's December, hands-down the most important month of the year. All the world over people put up trees and sing carols and exchange gifts and light candles to express the overwhelming happiness, nay exuberance this very special month inspires. And do you know why?

Because it's SABLE'S BIRTHDAY MONTH, natch!!

 *Go, Sagi, it's ya birthday!*

And since it's my party and I can do what I want to, I'm giving away one of my favorite books for F-R-E-E-E-E-E. You read that right. FREE! But it's only free for a limited time: 12/20-12/21. So get to clicking!  

If you're bad at following directions *raises hand* and haven't clicked the link or the pretty pic already, and you need more convincing, here are the deets:



Price: Fuh-ree!

Free dates: DECEMBER 20 - 21 (Go NOW!)

Heat level: Your Kindle Fire will LITERALLY be on FIRE! And then melt. Honest.


Broadway is a thespian’s wet dream, and for Rosalind Hayes, seeing her name in lights would be a juicy bite out of the Big Apple.

But when the doors don’t open and the roles don’t come, this would-be starlet turns harlot, producing a sinfully sexy show of her own.

The audiences are private, the scenes are deliciously wicked, and everything from props to settings to lines is under Roz’s control.

For over a decade, this way-off-Broadway production runs like clockwork, until one particular fan threatens to alter the show forever.

Faced with an entirely new script, can Roz deliver a command performance, or will this be the final curtain on our doxy’s one-woman show?

Holy smokes, Sable, this sounds too good to give away for free! Why would you do this?

Because you guys are FANTABULOUS! You've made my day with kind words or crazy posts or great (and sometimes not-so-great) reviews. And because I can, dammit, so click-a the link.


*said in my best info-mercial voice*

If you ACT NOW you can get another super spicy read for absolutely nothing, nada, zip, zilch. Just click the picture. You don't even have to pay the shipping and handling! SAY WHAT??? Yup-yup. Because that's how much I love you. 

Melt away these freezing winter nights with:

The Sinner's Slice

You haven't clicked yet? Oh, that's right, you want a little lick:


Tayden is a good girl with bad luck. This far-out journalist is all set to hit New Orleans during Mardi Gras when her editor sends another writer in Tayden's place.

No "intriguing" story. No plastic beads. No sticky King cake.

Now, miles away from the mysteries of the Big Easy, Tayden's stuck in the beautiful (but boring) French countryside with a dead car battery, a dead cell phone, and no charger for either one. Can the oddballs in the little village help a good girl out? Or might Tayden discover she's been a sinner all along?

Click me NOW! I command you!!

* * *

Two great books for the price of...well, nothing. Sheesh. That's a steal! Someone should come by and lock you up for this random act of book thievery!

So, make my birthday month happier by downloading The Doxy's Daybook and The Sinner's Slice. (I'm just noticing my apparent love for alliteration. LOL)  And if you insist on adding even more to the fun, make one more little click to tell all your friends! Sharing is caring :)

Tweet: Slip a Sable under the tree for FREE! #FreeReads #Erotica #RT

Go Lick INK!