UN-SUCK YOUR MONDAY!! #FreeINK #PleaseRT #JessaCallaver

It's Monday. 

I know, I know, Mondays suck. 

But not this Monday!  

This Monday will forever go down in history as EPIC FREAKIN' MONDAY!

What ever do you mean, Sable? My coffee hasn't kicked in, the kids are driving me crazy, I have a project due at work I'm not ready for, and the snozzberries do not taste like SNOZZBERRIES! Easy there, tiger. Take a breath. This is still an epic freakin' monday. Here's why:

The awesomesauce that is Jessa Callaver has updated and re-released her works:

The Goat and The HeathenThe Very Thought of Him, and Family Care.  

And, for a limited time, they are all...wait for it... FREEEEEEEEE!!!! (Yes, I sang that...)

Now, to be specific, they're free on Smashwords. BUT, if you want to help an author out, they're only 99 cents on Amazon. That's just a buck for a heaping helping of amazing.  Did that just UNSUCK your Monday, or what?

Go Lick Jessa's INK! And don't forget, sharing is caring. Spread the word via twitter and FB and everywhere else people mediate socially. LOL!  Deets are below!

The Goat and The Heathen

College roommates Aja and Olivia couldn't be more different. Olivia, the outgoing hot girl on campus, has arranged a little excitement for her stubborn and subdued friend. Will Aja be prepared for what her friend has planned? Moreover, for what the night might reveal?



The Very Thought of Him

Dara's in a slump. Her smalltown workaday life is beginning to wear her thin. Bored one night, she encounters Kelly's ad online, and something is ignited in her. She flirts and he responds. The only question is, can she muster the courage to step away from what's safe?

Smashwords (Free)

Amazon (ALSO FREE!!)

Family Care

A family of attorneys. Three rowdy kids. A chance to earn some extra money before leaving for college. A curious girl with a family eager to teach her a thing or two. What's the most that could happen? When 18-year-old Josie agreed to sacrifice her last high school spring break to babysit for the Sharps' she could have never foreseen the result. The Sharps are the new shiny successful family in town...with a hidden secret. Drawn into a cold and chaotic house, an even chillier marriage and a family in dire need of her care Josie soon realizes she's bitten off more than she can chew. Will she be willing to learn what this family has to teach? 

Smashwords (Free)

Amazon ($0.99)

You're still here?? GO LICK INK!! LOL

Sable J out