A boat...and a marshmallow.

Yo yo yO YOOOOOOO!!!! LOL!

I bet you're wondering about that title, right. I mean, a boat, and a marshmallow? How the heck are those two things even remotely related? They're not.Unless you're a 4-year-old. Let me explain.

Last week around 7:30 or 8 in the morning, I finally peel my inked-up carcass from my mattress and drag it down the hall.  I'm not much for mornings, but my 4-year-old niece is. She's not much for sleep, and I'm all about the shuteye. Perfect opposites. 

So there I am, eyes barely open, scarf on tilt, one corner of my pajama shirt tucked into my shorts... I shuffle into the living room and see her planted on the floor, hair done, big smile, fully dressed and ready for the day even though she didn't have school. "She gon' learn" but whatevs.  Marker in one hand, she's hunched over and drawing on a notepad that's three times her size.  On said notepad is a green line, sort of in the shape of a triangle if the triangle had a few too many nips of Gin and Socko, and a yellow line that makes San Francisco's crooked mile look like an arrow.  I get my bright-eyed, "Morning!" (love those) and a much more enthusiastic, "You like my picture?"

I love her picture, just don't know what the hell it is. So, dutiful auntie I am, I shake off the sleepy and nod just as enthusiastically. "It's awesomesauce, baby! But... what is it?"

"A boat..." —insert duh face—"and a marshmallow."

"Oooooof course it is. How could I miss that?" (Insert one more duh face from the kid just so I know that she knows I'm not about that art life...)

Staring at it now, I'm still not sure which is which. Green boat yellow mallow? *shrugs* It's hanging on my wall anyhow (Dali's aunt hung his crazy shit on her walls, too, you know.) But here's the point: If my little budding Picasso can stick a boat and a marshmallow on the same sheet of Pictionary-worthy notepaper, it's totally okay to give you two unrelated things in the same post. (well, mine are a bit closer than a sea-worthy vessel and a chewy confection, but whatever.)

First, the boat. 

You might've noticed I haven't been around much on the various social media and here on the old blog.  I'm gonna be even scarcer for the next 6 months. There's a good reason, a great reason, actually. BUT, until it all comes together I'm keeping mum.

I'll still be writing. I'll still be releasing books and plan to write the first draft of the next installment between now and the end of the year. (Are you paying attention? The NEXT INSTALLMENT, as in there will be a 4th book in the Kizzie series, hint hint.) I've also got a Christmas book, I'll finally be editing Devil's Flame, which might get a name change, I've got a Halloween short that needs cleaning, and a couple full-length WIPs I started before life got crazy. 

In the midst of all that I'll be reworking my website and probably moving this blog since blogger's going through the whole adult content thing *eye roll*, taking a couple of classes, and still working my "real job." Then there's that secret I mentioned up above.  I'm gonna be a little busy(er). 

Apart from a random drop-in or two, I won't be around. If you want to reach me,send me an e-mail.  I respond to ALL of my e-mail. This is not the same as "I always get the right e-mail address sent to me." 

If you drop me a line by e-mail, be sure your addy is correct so I can write ya back!

This cover might change... Hm...

And now, the marshmallow:

Hey Hey!

Ho Ho!


is ready to go!!! 

(the funky chicken I'm doing right now is so hardcore, you don't even know...)

What was the hold up? I fought this book for the last 18 months. I'm talking full-on fist-fight. I loved it, I hated it.  Who the hell thought I should write a book? Why did I write that there? That makes no sense.  I couldn't understand what was happening.  I mean, it's my book, right? Why the hell won't the characters just do what I'm telling them to? 

I'd make one change, think I had it figured out and then everything else would have to change. It was like solving a rubik's cube. Just when I thought I got all the red side done I turn it around and see the back wall is blue, green, white, yellow and whatever the hell the other color is and I'd want to start snatching off stickers or throw the thing away.

I kvetched to fellow writer, Jessa Callaver (love you hun! Thank you!!!) about how utterly sick of this damn thing I was. I wrote it and rewrote it and rewrote it and, holy hell, there's so much crap on the cutting room floor for this book.  Then I came across a note I jotted down when I first started working on

Shaken and Stirred, way before I even knew this was going to be a series. That note is this:

It's not going to be easy for you.

Mind. Blown. Right?  You're writing a book, Sable. A serial, no less. Of course it's not gonna be easy. Damn you, pointless note on random sheet of paper, damn you!

A month ago I realized I didn't write that note for myself or even to myself. *insert 4-year-old's patent-pending duh face* In fact, I found that nugget in my character journal for Xander. Those were Xander's words. Doms gonna dominate, as the kids say...

I finally listened to that (and some other things from his POV journal that I won't list here) and then a ton of things fell into place. I un-wrote the book and shazam! Bottom line, all you authors reading this, don't fight your book!

At this point, there are a few small things to go over—new cover (I'm not sold on the one I have yet, what do you think?) synopsis, beta reads and the like.  But the main story is there, ready to be told, good, bad, or indifferent. I'm finally satisfied.

Which brings me to the last chewy bite of this marshmallow, the release date is July 31st.

Yes, to maximize my time in the event shit goes wrong 'cause, invariably, shit goes wrong.  That's 31 days from today. Let the countdown begin! Ug... You have no idea how apropos that is... *wicked laugh*

Sable J. Out