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Just wanted to let you know some of my books are now FREE through Amazon for Prime users, and there's something for everyone!

Looking for a scorching hot read?  This is the novella for you:

The Doxy's Daybook: A Friday in two Acts

Call her Roz.  All of her fans do...

Follow along with Rosalyn Patrice Hayes, a professional doxy.  She's more than an actress, she's "a permanent affair." Every day, this southern-born beauty stars in a play she's also written and produced for an audience that doubles as co-star.  It's a performance showing on a stage way off Broadway, the grandest stage of all—the hustle and bustle of life in New York.  Told in 1st person, from the time the curtains go up until  they go down you'll find yourself mesmerized by each deliciously naughty act.  

Short on time and want your steam with a dash of funny? This quick read is right up your alley!

If it isn't Love...?

College students Zaria and Derek are in love. Well, Zaria's in love; Derek's in "ditto". And when he says as much in the middle of things getting hot and heavy, an upset Zaria sends her clueless boyfriend on a store run for the one thing a guy would rather die before buying—pads. The thought alone mortifies Derek, but he'll do anything for his girl.  Will a chance encounter with a stranger make Derek realize his mistake? And can Zaria figure out a suitable reward for a lesson learned? It's episode number 1 of the College Experience; Class is in session.

Maybe you want a dose of the gods behaving badly.  You'll definitely enjoy this fresh new myth:

Eros Fell

Eros, god of love, has always been depicted as pure; the innocent, chubby-faced cherub slapped on today's Valentine's Day cards.  Ever wonder how he got that way? Well, I'll tell you—he fell.

And he wasn't alone.

It's a secret they don't want you to know about, because if you did, you'd never look at Love the same again.  You want to know?  Promise not to tell?  Okay, I'll whisper it to you.  See, it was Eros who bit the apple....

* * * * BONUS * * * *

Want a taste of the high life?  Pick up this AMAZON EXCLUSIVE, also Free through the  Prime program.  

The Price of Perfection

Vanessa Dupree has everything everyone thinks she could want—the man, the Maybach, the millions. Happiness? Well.... Now, she's found herself in a hotel lounge in Miami, celebrating at her pre-divorce party—alone. By the look of the hot young bartender, she won't stay that way for long. As the saying goes, “There’s always something you got to give up, to get everything you want.”  But what exactly is the price of perfection?

All four of these great stories are Fire!  But they won't be FREE forever! Go get your copy now and don't forget to tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend :)

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