Hardest Thing I've Had To Do,

...apparently, has been writing this blog post. *insert ominous music*. I've started it about 6 different times, sheesh! This really is difficult. But I'll spare you the dramatics and come out and say what I need to say now.  Sake Bomb is being pushed back.

EEP!  Reading that makes it real, and that's a little scary for me.  We'll discuss my neuroses later (we won't), but here're the deets.

I'd originally planned a release date for July of this year, the 23rd to be exact, although only a handful of people were privy to that knowledge prior to this moment.  (Those people—a good friend who doubles as editor, and two other friends who do some beta-ing for me—don't know I'm writing this post, either.  Trust me if they knew there'd be a looooong discussion, and I'm not up for it right now.  I'll get it when this goes live tomorrow.)  So, anyhow, the reason behind the postponement is simple: It's not ready.

Don't confuse that with "It's not done".  It's been done.  Was done back in February and I was tempted to let it fly in March.  The problem, you ask? I'm not satisfied.  You don't want to see me unsatisfied...you won't like me when I'm unsatisified!

There's a feeling you get when you know it's right, other authors feel free to chime in here.  I like Sake Bomb,  believe me.  Like the characters, like the plot.  The words are there and saying what I want to be said.  Just something's not...right.  I could put it out now and be okay with it, but I want more than okay.  I want satisfied.  Toe-curling, limb-quivering, sticky wet mess satisfied. :)

These characters live in my head every day, rouse me from sleep, interrupt phone calls.  Hell, I think about them in the middle of work, and being that I work as a massage therapist it's awkward having to explain to your client why you've been working on the same shoulder for the past 10 minutes and mumbling to yourself.  (That really happened. And I said "Oh, there's a knot here".  There was no knot...*shrugs*)  I want to do right by them in this book, so that in the next—yes, for those of you wondering if this ends the "series" or "serial" or whatever else you want to call it, there is a next book—everybody understands where things are going and why.  I'm growing along with Kizzie, and we're both trying to figure out Xander, and we all know Doms can be asses sometimes. LOL! So, yeah, I want this to be done right.

"Pushed back to when, then?" July 24th? August?  Dunno.  All I can tell you is it'll be out when it's right. Might lose a few readers, might piss people off, but that's the chance I'll take.  For those sticking around, I thank you sooooo much for your support (and e-mails and encouraging words).  They're actually what has convinced me to pause, step away from the story a bit, and then put it out when it's where it needs to be.  That's why I've been absent from this blog, and Facebook and Twitter.  You want a great story, and I want to give it to you. You've stuck in through the cliffhangers even if you hated them.  You deserve my best and that's what you'll get.

Soon as I'm satisfied.

Sable J