Eros Fell...

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It's been a minute, I know. Life seems to keep getting in the way, and I'd rather be writing. But I'm back—at least for now— and thought I'd let ya all know about the newest little morsel, Eros Fell.

Want some background? Well, whether you do or not, you're here so I'm gonna tell you. (OMG, seriously, it's like 2am as I'm prepping this and my dog's going batshit! What the...? Sorry, tangent...)

Background about this story—I had no intention of writing this, but as always seems to be the case, I was working on another Valentine's Day story (Saint Heartbreak, coming soon) and it sooo needed this background info and I decided, this story had to be in a book by its onesies. So, there, that's how Eros Fell came about.

Now, the deets you're really interested in, and a little lick.  Read on!


Title: Eros Fell
Publisher: Fresh Whet INK
Word Count: 13205 (this is a short, and if I read a review about how you didn't know the length, there will be pudding! *snerk*)
Price: $1.99 (Makes a great V-day gift! Better than a stuffed teddy bear, IMO)

Blurb:  Eros, god of love, has always been depicted as pure; the innocent, chubby-faced cherub slapped on today's Valentine's Day cards.  Ever wonder how he got that way? Well, I'll tell you—he fell.

And he wasn't alone.

It's a secret they don't want you to know about, because if you did, you'd never look at Love the same again.  You want to know?  Promise not to tell?  Okay, I'll whisper it to you.  See, it was Eros who bit the apple.... 

Warning: 18+ Only! This story is an untold myth you never heard in high school, and includes graphic language, sex, and all that fun stuff between two Immortals. 


Eros soared over the treetops, seeking out that flash of sanguine cloth, when he set eyes on the woman donning it.  The drape of her hair could never be forgotten, nor could the dark color of her skin.  He remembered the last time their lips met and, spurred on by their softness, he increased his pace.  The heavy gown bustled in her hands made escape on foot more difficult, and he landed before her easily.  She paused in her retreat, a small smile playing on full lips.

“Aneris?” The delight in his velvety voice was mired with confused.  “Why do you flee?”

A delirious laugh escaped her throat.

“Are we playing a game?” he asked in a curious tone.  He couldn’t believe she was here, but now that he’d seen her, he was glad she was.  “Come, my sweet.  Let me hold you.”

He folded her in his arms, but immediately noticed something had changed.  She was cool, no, cold, as though no heart beat in her breast.  And she did not smell as he remembered, though the scent was intoxicating all the same.  Desire stirred in his groin and, as never before, he was overcome with a primal urge to lay with the goddess of harmony.

She pushed from his hold and eyed him seductively.  The woman looked like Aneris, true enough, with the same heart-shaped face and obsidian eyes, but they trembled almost imperceptibly, an erratic little shiver. Her plump mouth, ripe and red as pomegranate seeds, parted to allow a slip of pink tongue to drag slowly across her upper lip, wetting it deliciously.

He took a step back to loose himself of her mesmeric gaze, for Harmony this was not.  “Who are you?”

“I’m your sweet, aren’t I, Eros?” she said in a lyrical voice.  “Your beloved Aneris, returned to you at last.”

He shook his head.  “Aneris is with Kadmos in Elysium.  I saw them on the Isle of the Blest with my own eyes many centuries ago.  Are you sent by Dolus?  This is a low trick, to be sure, even for him.”  Convinced she was a mere vision, he reached out and touched her hair as though he had not just held her close or heard her speak. She felt solid enough.

“Poor Love.  Gullible as ever,” she said, exasperated.  “I am no trick of Dolus, no shifted shape.  I appear before you as I truly am.”

“But you wear the face of another.  How is this so?”

She made a tut-tut sound.  “If I told you now there’d be no fun had.  And there is plenty of fun to be had, fair Eros.”

He narrowed his eyes, determined to find out who this goddess was that had aroused such desires in him.  “Tell me why you disrupt the humans with your mischief.”

She shrugged her shoulders, the move pressing the rounded tops of her breasts together in the scandalously low cut of the corset of her dress.  She did not continued until he lifted his gaze from the sight.  “It is my nature, Eros.  As it is yours to go about binding them with your,”—dark eyes rolled with disgust—“love.  Sticky sweet like nectar of the trees on the Mount.”

The ache in his groin had not yielded; her scent making his heart race.  “Tell me your name, goddess, or you will have the wrath of Zeus to face, and Aphrodite, besides.”

“Threats of Zeus?” she gasped and pressed her hand to her breast, “I shudder.  I’ll make you a deal, Eros.  A game, if you will.”

Curious, he nodded for her to continue.

“You wish me to cease my meddling with these useless peasants, yes?” She didn’t wait for his response.  “I am perfectly willing to do so, will surrender my powers to the great and mighty Zeus himself so that I may never make mischief for you again, permitted you excel in my challenge.  And as a bonus, I will gift you my name.”

He eyed her suspiciously, crossed his arms over his chest.  “What are the conditions?”

A corner of her mouth ticked up.  “For one-twelfth’s time of Apollo’s travels with the Sun, you must prevent my apples from hitting their marks.”  She held out her dainty palm, and a golden orb materialized there.  She handed the solid fruit to Eros, who studied it a moment before she plucked it back.  She tossed it in the air, caught it in her hand.  “You already know how to defeat them. Pierce them with your arrows and no catastrophe will befall a single mortal.  Ha!” she laughed, “I even tell you how to ensure your victory.  An easy enough task, yes?”

Easy? Of course it would be easy.  He was Eros, god of love, gifted with both speed and accuracy when stringing his darts and connecting with his targets.  He would effortlessly shoot her every sphere from the sky for one human hour.

“And when I win,” he clarified, voice deep and earnest, “I earn both your name and your promise to never cause the mortals ill again?”

She nodded, a sibylline grin on her mouth.

“And your oath is binding?”

“Binding.  Yes.”

“And what would you require should you win?”

A shoulder lifted nonchalantly.  “A simple thing, really.  Nothing you will miss.”

“Out with it, goddess.”

“A kiss.  One little kiss, Eros.”

He eyed her warily.  “And that’s all?”

“From the god of love? More than enough. Just remember, no other soul but me may touch the apples.  Have we a deal? ”

A warning blared in his head like trumpets heralding the arrival of Dawn, yet he could not resist the tempt of her lure.  Love would overcome this challenge as he conquered all else, and have her name when he was through.

The length of a human heartbeat passed and he’d changed from the mortal garb into lighter attire, white wings spread wide against red robes.  “When do we begin?”

The goddess morphed before him, no longer donning the heavy brocade and petticoats of the era but instead the shimmering silk gowns denoting her an eternal being.  Her wings expanded; two raven-black appendages with a span not quite as broad as his unfurled from her back.  Her hair twisted into a long, thick braid and then looped itself around her head like a crown. Eyes turned skyward, she marked the time. 


* * * *

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