What's the Price of Perfection?

About a buck.

             *badum bum*

Hiya, folks and Happy Sunday!

Big things are coming down the pike this year—Kizzie and Xander are still up to no good, I'm working on a sequel to Different Shades of Gray, and my alter id, Isadora, is queing up for her first release hopefully by the end of the year. Not to mention I have 4 or 5 other titles I want to get out of my head. (All those characters + multiple plots + the general nonsense in my brain = Bedlam.) SO, I thought I'd get things started with my latest short, The Price of Perfection.

Before I get into that, I know some of you are saying, "Sable, when's Sake Bomb coming out?" (I keep getting this e-mail, along with "What happens next? You're killing me!") So I'll give you what I know—SOON. I promise.  LOL! Thanks everyone for your support of the series. I plan to do a post about some of the other questions (and anger) I've been getting with regard to the books, so check the blog again.

Okay, back to my first point, The Price of Perfection is out today *insert stadium cheering*.  It's a really quick read, but what I think is an interesting one. Available EXCLUSIVELY ON AMAZON! And if you're a Kindle Prime member, you can borrow it for FREE! K, I'll stop yammering. Here're the deets:

Title: The Price of Perfection

Publisher: eXcessica

Release date: 1/13/2012

Price: 99¢

Word Count:~5750

Blurb: Vanessa Dupree has everything everyone thinks she could want—the man, the Maybach, the millions. Happiness? Well.... Now, she's found herself in a hotel lounge in Miami, celebrating at her pre-divorce party—alone. By the look of the hot young bartender, she won't stay that way for long. As the saying goes, “There’s always something you got to give up, to get everything you want.”  But what exactly is the price of perfection?

WARNING: ADULTS ONLY. Graphic language, anal sex, yadda yadda :)


“Hold it, please!” someone called. 

He slapped the button to close the doors.

Vanessa’s giggle died in her throat when firm lips slanted insistently over hers.  She returned the unfamiliar kiss, timidly at first, relaxing into it when he pressed the length of his body to hers, trapping her against the bamboo paneling of the elevator wall.  His hands skimmed down her sides to the fitted skirt, eager fingers inching the fabric up her thighs while still working his tongue inside her mouth.  With a bent knee he spread her legs as much as the tight material would allow.

The warm body molded to hers sent shivers rushing through her.  She savored the sweet flavor of brandy on his lips, wrapped her arms around his neck to finger the silky hair at his nape.  The soft, repeated dinging in the background made her vaguely aware they were still in the elevator.

“We’ll get caught,” she breathed, eyes closed as he pushed aside her moist panties. The kisses moved to her neck, nibbling and sucking all over, their panting breaths heavy and loud in the small space. His fingers spread her labia, lazily circled her wet lips.  He grazed her clit and she moaned, bucked when his thick digits pushed into her.

            “We might.”

* * * *

Yes, that was just a little lick to get the taste buds salivating. But it's just a buck—cheaper than Taco Bell without the side effects. So, ya hungry? Go forth and MASTICATE!! Hahaha.


The Price of Perfection also appears in the Excessica Heartache anthology, which features the erotic writing of some of the finest in the genre, including the one and only Selena Kitt, Elliott Mabeuse,  D.B. Story, J.E. Taylor, Bekki Lynn, Giselle Renarde, Erin O’Riordan, G.R. Richards, J.L. Dillard, T. Harrison and Willsin Rowe.  The stories are absolutely amazing (in fact, I'm honored to have been included among them, they are soooo good), and at $4.99, it's a steal!   The product description says it all:

Erotic, romantic, poignant and wistful, this anthology collection from Excessica authors will thrill you, touch you, and stay with you. These stories dare to explore the pleasure and pain of a lover gone, the one that got away, the forbidden affair, a true love existing on borrowed time. These are tales of passionate affairs that cannot last, but they are exquisite gems while they do, and like the star that burns brightest, these stories burn fast, dazzle and smolder in the memory. 

You really don't want to miss these, and the anthology is available in multiple formats, so go grab your copy now!!

I'm off to INK, but as always, thanks for licking!


Sable J