Sexy Saturday Read: Service Rendered by Michele Hope

Hey INKers! 

Looking for something fresh and new to read this weekend? Check out Service Rendered the debut release from Michele Hope.

Michele's joining us in the Parlor on Monday (squeeee!), so go read her work and then join us here on the 7th to learn more about this great author! Now, you all know I'm not one for waiting (LOL) so I'm going to drip some of her INK early. Here's a little lick from Service Rendered:

Title: Service Rendered

Author: Michele Hope

Publisher: Rebel Ink Press

Release: Nov. 3, 2011

Words: 5,890

Price: $3.99

Blurb: A handsome, charming and adventurous couple depart their plantation home for an evening of elegant partying.  Our prettiest of Southern belles has given thoughtful consideration, not only to her ensemble, but to the many possibilities the evening may hold.  After arriving at the grand antebellum home for a charity ball, their evening progresses with friendly and warm hospitality.  Our lovely chatelaine decides to heat up the night, first with an unexpected flirtatious encounter with an equally beautiful woman in the lady's room.  Then finding her handsome and commanding husband at the bar, she insists on playtime.  Their moment leads to seduction and a guest room with an antique vanity . . . all with a young bartender in tow.


     As I walked from our bedroom toward my waiting bath, it was you who was waiting, sly assassin that you are.  Without a word, you spun me around to face the wall, my appeal extinguished by your cupped hand, the towel falling to the floor in silent witness.  Your restraint lessened as I knew resistance would be futile then I felt your finger tips caressing my arms, outlining my shoulders, tracing down the center of my back.  Closing my eyes, I could sense your breathing, still in control yet beginning to rise in concert with my diminishing will.  You chose this seduction and I became your compliant and ready victim, needy of your resolve.  The delicate nape on my neck rose in electric response and I could smell you in the ionic air.  The scent of power.  I knew what to do.

     Without prompt, I extended my arms to the wall, pushing back against your power.  Full of grace, I bent at the waist, offering the barest of resistance.  Then the slap to my bare bottom. "Yes!" The sharp crack of palm on flesh reverberated down the short hallway, ricocheting off the bathroom's cool tiles.  The report came back to me at light speed.  "Spank me one more time," my hushed plea. "and then I will surrender."  I stood on tip-toes, arching my smarting buttocks high for your access.  Another smack to the same cheek.  I welcomed it.  My legs spread, my toes struggled to gain purchase on the hardwood floor.  I felt your hand massage the sting with gentle caress then handle my breast coarsely, my nipples stiff and aching. Compelling me more, you prepared me with a single finger.  I adored letting it all be about you.  Because I am in your sphere, I'm pulled ever closer and closer, only to be set free. 

Oh God!  Yes . . .

     You had your way with me and never ever selfish, you allowed for my pleasure before your own.  That nobility is your manner and with a kiss to the back of my neck and sweet reminder, " How I love you," you disappeared with the same stealth as your assault.  Like the dove, I was released. 

* * * *

Okay, so go buy the short and then meet back here MONDAY for the interview with Michele! $3.99 Buy it now!