Welcome to my Parlor: VARRSITY


Welcome back to the parlor! This week in the hot seat is sensational writer, VARRSITY, who was nice enough to come drop some INK about his writing.  All right, time to get tatted.  Ready, set, leeeegggooooo!!

Sable: Hey Varrsity! Thanks for swinging by the parlor to chat with the readers.  Let's start with a little introduction about yourself.

Varrsity: This is always the hardest question for me to answer. Let’s see. I’m mortal, but the goal is for me to write my life away so my stories are Immortal. I’m just a regular guy who has big dreams and I work hard to achieve them.

Sable: And you kick-started that dream by publishing your first book.  Tell us about it and the motivation behind it.

Varrsity: My first book, Married 2 Struggle was my first attempt at giving “Man Birth.” The inspiration was me challenging myself. Since high school, I told my classmates that I would someday be a bestselling author. But back then, I was more into writing poetry, so I thought that a collection of poetry would come first but that wasn’t the case. I was struggling with paying for school and kept getting fired from all of my jobs, so I decided to transform my negative thoughts and frustrations into something creative.

Sable: "Man Birth" *laughs* A lot like woman birth without the weight gain...and cravings for jalapenos in your chocolate chip ice cream. :)  M2S is fast-paced and suspenseful urban fiction.  Do you think that's what's trending now in the genre, and do you find yourself writing for the market or yourself?

Varrsity: I don’t follow the competition enough. I know who they are but I’m not obsessed with them and their moves. I’m pretty sure that I’m not heavy on their minds either. I write for myself. I write to challenge myself and reach a higher level than before, to grow, to get better with every project. Plus, I write in a few different genre’s, so I refuse to be one dimensional.

Sable: I hear that. That's actually god advice for the newbies out there lurking: "Multi-dimensionalize"! (Totally made that word up).  Okay, my personal issue is with "The End".  I might write it, but the story's not over.  How do you know when you're done and the story on the page is the one you want released?

Varrsity: I never know. Lol. Honestly, I will back off of it for a few weeks so it isn’t fresh in my head and I can read it with a pair of fresh eyes. After it passes my standards, I will pass it along to one of my friends. Everyone in my circle are more than just friends. We’ve been in each other lives for at least 12-20 years, so we’re more life family. And we all know that family is very opinionated and brutally honest, so if I meet my standards, as well as theirs, I know that it is ready for the masses.

Sable:  What's a typical writing day like for you?

Varrsity: I write on the go. I do a lot of writing in my head, so when I finally sit down at a computer or begin to jot in one of my many active notebooks, It comes out effortlessly, because technically, the scenes or poem is already complete minus the details. I write whenever I can. Honestly, I’m a work completing this interview right now. (Don’t tell my boss)

Sable: OOOOOO!!! I'm TELLIN'! ;) So you mentioned writing in other genres, or "multi-dimensionalizing" as I've called it.  Tell us a bit more about that.

Varrsity:  Yes. My first was Urban Fiction. I’m currently working on a Romance novel, another Urban Fiction Novel, a collection of poetry, and an Education book for High School/Middle School students.

Sable: So you INK both fiction and nonfiction.  Impressive multi-dimensionalizing. (Sorry, it's stuck like an earworm).  Okay, the bad side of my brain is begging to be heard, so let's play a word association game.  I say a word, you say the first one that comes to mind.  And....go. Chocolate.

Varrsity: Me

Sable: Honey

Varrsity: Nectar

Sable: Whet

Varrsity: Slippery

Sable: Soft

Varrsity: Breasts

Sable: Dripping

Varrsity: Puddles in the bed

Sable: All that to confirm I'm not the only one thinking naughty thoughts :)  Back to the hard-hitting questions.  What things are must-haves in order for you to write?

Varrsity: A pen and pad. If you would have asked this a few weeks ago, the answer would have been different. My laptop was stolen but it was a blessing in disguise. I was hurt due to the amount of work I lost, but it got me back to my roots. I was once a “Pencil and Pad” writer, not a full time typing machine. Technology has made our society lazy, sloth like creatures and I’m no exception. So I’m back to hand cramps and ink smeared fingers.

Sable: Sorry to hear about the laptop :(  But hey, as long as you have fire you can cook, right? I'm sure your work will benefit.  Okay, next random Sable question (the voices in my head run the show, so....) Boxers, briefs, or commando?  And then what do you like on your woman?

Varrsity: Boxer briefs for me.  Boy shorts on her.

Sable: Ah, yes, the boy short.  Perfect combination of comfort, fun, and flirty.  (Anyone else singing Lil' Wayne and John Legend's SO SPECIAL right now?  Just me?  Don't lie....) Well, that segues us nicely into the next question about love scenes.  What makes a good one?

Varrsity: A good love scene is made by description. The writer has to make the reader forget that they are reading a book. You have to make it come alive, make the words jump at the reader. Yes, detailed description and the ability to make the reader temporarily loathe you because they realize that your words have them hot and bothered and want to either please themselves or roll over on their spouse.

Sable: RAWR! Lol! Are your books character or plot driven?

Varrsity: A little bit of both. They work hand to hand. I have the slightest idea where my characters come from, but as I build the story, the characters become more real and I can see them more vividly. So then I can go back and add minor details about their physical appearance and attitude.

Sable: How do you come up with them, and which one from Married 2 Struggle is your favorite?

Varrsity: People watching helps me come up with them.  And from M2S, most definitely, Latrell. You have no choice but to love him. No choice whatsoever.

Sable: I like that you have a fave.  Most authors I ask that same question to tell me it's like choosing a favorite child!  Maybe it's a "Man Birth" thing. LOL!  Do you put a lot of research into your stories?

Varrsity: If it’s an out of town scene or an area that I’m unfamiliar with, then research is a necessity.

Sable: See that newbies? Readers will know if you transplant the Space Needle to LA.  Research!  What are your favorite and least favorite parts about writing?

Varrsity: Just being creative and knowing that you have what it takes to write something that people enjoy reading. Least favorite part……losing your work. Especially when you have put so much time and energy into it.

Sable: Truer words.... Okay last question, and it's a mean one. *wicked laugh*  It takes months to write a story, and thousands of words.  Sum up Married 2 Struggle in just one.

Varrsity:  Classic.

Sable: You heard it folks! Thanks to Varrsity for stopping by to tat the parlor, and readers be sure you pick up Married 2 Struggle for your Nook or Kindle (or Kindle Fire or iPad or...) NOW!!   Buy Links are below.  And if you want to link up with Varrsity the multi-dimensionalizer, hit him in the Twitterverse: @VARRSITY or check out his blog, IT'Z ONLY WRITE, at  www.Varrsitywriter.com.

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