Welcome to my Parlor: Roz the Doxy


One week…two weeks.  You’ll learn time isn’t exactly important in Sable’s universe. Anyhow, after much convincing, I did finally manage to have that chat with Roz whose book is out now! (Go get your copy, ASAP!)

Without further ado, here’s the Doxy...

Sable: Hello, Roz. Thanks for sitting down to chat with me today.

Roz: Thanks for having me! *waves* I adore my fans ;)

Sable: I know you’ve got things to do, so I’ll keep it brief.

Roz: Good deal. Working on a new show and I’m still learning the lines.

Sable: Let’s jump right into the deep stuff, then.  Chunky Monkey?

Roz: *Laughing* I knew you’d pick up on that, Sable. Yes, Chunky Monkey. Preferably by the carton. Unless there’s a Magnum bar around…

Sable: Mmmm…Magnum bar. LOL! Are you excited about the book, or did you have reservations about letting everyone into your world?

Roz: Initially I had some reservations, not for myself but for my family.  They aren’t aware I’m a doxy, but with so many brothers and sisters I’m sure one of them will eventually find out.  In spite of what I do, I prefer to keep my life private. As I said in the book, discretion is a requirement as a stage actress, most especially for one of my particular skill. Making my life a literal open book has the potential for repercussions for them, but it can’t be helped.

Sable: And knowing that, you still went forward with telling your story?

Roz: Whether I’d told the story or not, I’d still be Roz, and I’d still be a doxy. I thought this would be a good way for others to stop running from what will make them happy. Embrace who you are and live! 

Sable: You subtitled it A Friday in Two Acts. Why that particular Friday?

Roz: I knew there’d be some interesting castmates for you to meet.  But I really had no idea the day would turn out as it did. That’s the beauty of my show, and that’s also why it’s told the way it is.   My show is more improv than scripted, so you got it just as I did. If it had bombed, you’d have experienced that exactly as I had. That’s live theatre.

Sable: And you think theatre has the potential to be something more than a couple hours of entertainment?

Roz: Absolutely! The arts are all about giving your audience an impactful experience through sensory stimulation.

Sable: I’m not touching “sensory stimulation”. *giggles* So what’s happening with you and Q? Anything you’d care to share?

Roz: The curtain’s just going up on that play…You’ll have to stick around and see how it turns out. ;)

Sable: I definitely will! Okay, just one more question for you. How would you describe yourself in one word?

Roz: Unapologetic.

Sable: Couldn’t agree with you more.

* * * *

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