Gettin' down with Ms. Downlow

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, from this flick, those are some drippin' whet words! Whew!

In case you didn't know, that is the one and only Ms. Downlow. After INKing her spicy short for the Summer Heat anthology, she was kind enough to stop by and answer a few questions for you.

Sable: Ms. Downlow! Thanks for coming by to chat with the readers today. First off, tell them a bit about you.

Ms. Downlow: I’m new to book writing. I started out blogging, with no thought of ever writing a book. I chose the pen name Ms. Downlow to protect my private life, and keep my option to write in other genres open. Being on the “down low” as an erotic writer has been a very liberating experience. I can write whatever I want without having to answer to anyone around me, or feel uncomfortable about the explicit content.

Sable: When did you actually know you wanted to write a novel?

Ms. Downlow: I first realized I wanted to be a writer in the summer of 2009, when followers of my blog encouraged me to write a book about the sexy tale I blogged about there. They kept coming back for more. I keep in touch with many of them to this day. They read my finished novel, loved it, and many of them posted reviews or blogged about it.

Sable: Gotta love your followers! They're more of a support system than I think they know. You mentioned other genres. Do you write outside of erotica?

Ms. Downlow: So far, I’ve only written erotic fiction. However, I look forward to writing in other genres. I can’t say when I will step outside of the sexually explicit writing realm, though, because I get such a thrill from readers who tell me my work turns them on and makes them want to try new things.

Sable: See, readers! You inspire us authors. Okay, Ms. Downlow, what are three absolute "must haves" you need around in order to write?

Ms. Downlow: Input and support of my readers and my friends in the cyber/social community, plenty of porn videos, and other erotic novels to read for inspiration.

Sable: And they say porn's not educational. *giggles*. Care to share your bibliography with us?

Ms. Downlow: Sure. My story in the Summer Heat anthology, Downsized, is my third published work. I’ve previously published two erotic novels. One of them has two different titles and covers: Life on the Low: Creepin’ With Hip Hop, and Her Husband Made Her Do Him. And the second novel is the sequel to those called Her Husband Made Her Do Him, 2.

Sable: So since we're on your books, let's talk characters. What are your inspirations for them?

Ms. Downlow: The protagonist, Katlynne LaSalle, in my first two novels is me. The other characters are either fantastical caricatures of people I know or would like to know, or they are random creations.

Sable: Okay, mid-interview word association game. I say a word, you give me one back. Leeegggggooo...... Soft

Ms. Downlow: Hard

Sable: Silk

Ms. Downlow: Tied

Sable: Whet

Ms. Downlow: Insatiable

Sable: Oooh. I like that one! Honey

Ms. Downlow: Pot

Sable: Chocolate

Ms. Downlow: Cock!

Sable: LOL! That seems to be the consensus around these parts. Chocolate cocks. Of course you're Sable-certified when it comes to naughty! I love the cover for the extended version of your short, Downsized. Why don't we get into that now. Can you sum it up for us in one sentence, and then give us an lick?

Ms. Downlow: In one sentence, a sexy female architect who’s been laid off, but not laid in a while, tries to keep the peace with her neighbor without becoming his next piece of ass.

-from Downsized:

Instead of listening to Ryan talk, I was letting my eyes roam every inch of his 6'4” frame. From his big, well manicured feet, to his six pack abs and lean muscled chest. I wondered what it would be like to feel his strong arms around me, hands roaming my body, dick hitting by gspot. He was the hottest man I'd ever laid eyes on. .It didn't help that I hadn't been fucked in over a year. I wanted him to fuck me.

Tuning back in, I realized Ryan was talking about how modern women worked so much that they neglected their homes, didn't know how to cook, and wouldn't clean. Whatever. I didn't give a shit about his cave man view of the modern woman, because my pussy was thinking for me. The man and the wine had me open. I wasn't going to make the first move, but if Ryan so much as touched me with one pinky, I would ride his fine body until the sun set and came up again. I got up and walked over to the inviting, black bottom pool. Kicking off a flip flop, I dipped the toes of one foot in and stirred the water around.

“You wanna go for a swim? Or are you one of those sisters that doesn't get her hair wet?”

“I'd like to, but aren't those steaks almost ready?” He was right about my hair, but I wasn't about to tell him.

“Right. I'll serve 'em up over here. You just sit down and put your legs in. We can swim later.”

“Okay.” I sat down with my second glass of wine and let my legs float on the water while Ryan went about fixing our plates. It was nice to have a man cater to me.

“Here you go, sexy legs.”

Ryan handed me a plate full of food, then sat down next to me with his own plate. Without warning, he leaned in and kissed me on the lips.

“Sorry. I had to see what it felt like to kiss your beautiful lips.”

“How did it feel?”

He put his plate down. “As hungry as I am for this food, I could skip it and eat you all night.”

I could not believe what I'd just heard, but now that I knew Ryan was feeling what I was feeling, it was on! I set my plate down, too, and leaned into him, savoring the feel of his thick lips on mine. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it. Mmmmmmm. He tasted like peaches and cinnamon. I reluctantly ended the kiss, and began feeding him the food from his plate. He took my plate up and started feeding me, too. Between bites, our lips met again and again.

Sable: Hawt! Hawt! HAWT! Okay, cuming *ahem*, coming off that spicy little lick there, let me ask you this. You're the first settler on planet Hedonism. Who or what is coming with you?

Ms. Downlow: If I were the first settler on planet Hedonism, I would pack him, him, oh and her, too. Yes, that should do. Say what? I can have up to 10 things? Then I’d also pack some Patron, my laptop so I can write about my sexcapades and watch porn, some protection so that nothing interferes with my sexual healing, and a refrigerator so that I can store all the food I like to serve on my lovers’ bodies.

Sable: 'Cause you can't break in a new planet with out a little help from your friends! LOL! What's next from your delightfully deviant mind?

Ms. Downlow: I just finished the extended version of Downsized, and by popular demand, I am working on the third book in the Her Husband Made Her Do Him series. This one will detail the sexual escapades of the Hip Hop artist, Triple X. It will be called Triple X-Rated. Sexy porn star, Flash Brown, will probably be on the cover.

Sable: Where can readers find your books, and how can they get in touch with you?

Ms. Downlow: Look me up on,,, the Apple Itunes Store, Kobo, and Sony ebook websites. And I enjoy getting messages from my fans, and I personally respond to each and every one of them. So readers can get in touch with me directly at

Sable: Go pick up her work. Definitely hot stuff! And now, for the question "du jour", boxers, briefs, or commando?

Ms. Downlow: Briefs, so long as they are the ones David Beckham advertises. Armani. If he’s not wearing Armanis, I don’t care what he’s packing. I’ll make him put it away.

Sable: Armani underpants just went flying off the shelves! Mmm, mmm, MMM! Thank you, Ms. Downlow, for taking the time to chat with us. Readers, go ahead and drop her some INK below! (right after you stop drooling over David here ------->>)