The Dog Ate My Homework...

I'm not a half-asser—I'm a...whole-asser. (That sounded better in my head).  In school I got top marks and always turned in my homework on time. Which is why I'm so utterly pissed right now.

To be fair, it's not my fault. Really. I know that sounds like an excuse but it's not. Well, technically, it is, but I'm not trying to excuse myself.  I'm "explaining". I had every intention of releasing my newest novel, The Doxy's Daybook: A Friday in Two Acts, on Sunday, July 31st.  Why Sunday? Because it's National Orgasm Day, and my book has (1,2,3,4,5...) a lot of em.  I finally picked a cover I LOVE; I have an awesome blog post and an interview with my lead character all ready to go and everything!  

*insert theatrical sigh* 

But alas, it will not happen. Due to circumstances beyond my control (which involves some of my pertinent information being exposed leading to my accounts being frozen until they can get it sorted)  *double sigh* I'll have to bring you Doxy on August 5th. That's next Friday for everyone keeping score, and fitting since it's a Friday in the life of a doxy.  I hope you'll hold out until then! Trust me, this Doxy's worth the wait ;)  

Until then, you can always pick up your FREE copy of Shaken & Stirred from Smashwords, Allromanceebooks, and now directly on! And if you've already read it, "read it again for the first time." I used to hate when movie commercials said "watch it again...", but now it has a purpose. LOL!

Thanks for Licking My INK!