Chillin' with Perri Forrest


We're a couple weeks into summer, and the anthology is still heating up eReaders! The temperature's rising, the clothes are coming off, so it's only natural to show off the gams. It's the perfect time to  introduce you to Ms. Sexy Legs herself, Perri Forrest.

I'm spending the week with Ms. Forrest, and between setting off fireworks and eating tons of ice cream (it's hot out here, folks) Perri and I had a chance to chat about her submission for the Summer Heat anthology. Here's what she had to say:

Sable: Thanks for sliding through to talk to the readers today, Perri. Tell them a little about yourself. 

Perri: I'm a romantic. Loyal. Outspoken. Honest. Sarcastic. Quite honestly, I’m an oxymoron for I’m what I like to call "simply complicated". I don’t expect a lot, but I have high expectations. Oh, and since I’m a Leo, while I like to be in charge, I love to play ‘hard to get’ to see how advanced a man’s seduction skills are. It tells me everything about him and how compatible we will be as lovers—or not. I love seduction of the mind, body, and soul.  

Sable: "Simply complicated". I love that. I think that's the perfect definition of a writer, so you're in the write—er—right field. *smiles* So when did you realize writing was your thing? 

Perri: When I was 12 years old. I wrote all the time as a way to escape the reality of my home life. Most of my stories would take place in the woods where a group of kids would happen upon a really pretty cottage where they could go to get away, with no one ever discovering their ‘secret’ place. With the gift never being nurtured, and ultimately having to produce papers in a professor’s voice when I entered college, I became silenced—until recently when I was invited to participate in this very exciting project, by Ms. Sable Jordan.

Sable: I've read your story, Butterflies in Motion.  Do you primarily write erotic fiction, or do you INK in other genres?

Perri:  I am a romantic, at heart and believe that I am more in love with the concept of being in love, so I tend to lean toward romance. I do have an erotic voice, but I will admit that I censor myself, on occasion because I am a naughty girl that has always been a lady in public and a freak in the bedroom, bathroom, balcony, backseat…you get the idea. I think I censored because I was afraid my Mama would read, but let’s just say I’m slowly evicting myself from that place. Way too much to say—and feel…

Sable: What are three "must haves" you need while you're writing?

Perri: Outdoors, my laptop, and my "ensemble"—anything on the bottom, but I have to have a scarf with a hoodie and my nerd glasses. Collectively they serve as my "thinking cap". 

Sable: Is Butterflies in Motion your first published piece? And I know it took 7500 words to INK your short, but now I'm going to be evil Sable and ask you to sum it up in one sentence. *Mwahahaha*

Perri: It is! Since the completion of BiM, I have not been able to put my laptop away! I’m inspired. Both my laptop keys and my favorite pen are planning an escape!  To sum up BiM in one sentence I'd have to say, love is real, very much alive, and comes in unexpected forms, even for the girl that doesn’t believe in its existence…especially, when it comes with good pipe attached to it!

Sable: Speaking of pipe *giggles* time for a word association game. I'll say a word, you give me the first word that comes to mind. Silk

Perri: Sheets

Sable: Whet

Perri: Penetration

Sable: Honey

Perri: Labia...plural.

Sable: Haha! Don't just lick one!  All right, Chocolate

Perri: Erection

Sable: Soft

Perri: Pre cum sneaking through the glans, onto the tip of my tongue.

Sable: Well damn! *fans face* Not one word but one helluva image! Your naughtiness has officially been Sable-certified!  Okay, Perri, lets talk characters. How do you come up with yours? Are they people you know (cleverly disguised to avoid legal backlash, LOL), random creations, or are some of them reflections of you?

Perri: All of the above, yet more reflections of me than I originally admitted to myself.

Sable: Let's give the readers a lick from your short, shall we?

Perri: Just a little lick. You want more, gotta download your free copy.

-from Butterflies in Motion

There it is. The words finally spoken. A silence looms over the room in those moments and there was nothing either of us could say. Jordan looks down at me from his 6’ frame, touches my face, takes the hair falling to the side of my face, places it behind my ear, and leans in to kiss my forehead. He’s saying an unspoken goodbye...

Sable: I've already read it, so I know what that lick's all about. *smiles*. Okay, Perri, a couple more questions.  What can readers expect next from you?

Perri: This is just a taste of what I'm working on now, not yet titled.  Picture me the novel you love to read. The one you devour. When you indulge in me, the world is muted. Nothing else exists. Nothing else matters. You can’t walk away for when you do, you anticipate being near me again – at one with me again. Eagerly awaiting the mystery to reveal itself, you live for the climactic moments to touch your soul. Each page awards you a new pleasure. Yes, picture that. It’s sweet, ain’t it? Imagine that. Now, open your eyes. I’m here. Right here, right now. Pick me up, open me wide, take me....

Sable: That's quite the book, and you've melted my ice cream! Time for another fun question. You're the first settler on planet Hedonism. Who or what do you pack to go with? 

Perri: Anal ease, laptop with "thinking cap" *lol*, a few "head" doctors, a master of seduction who can make me want it—even when I don't want it, Moscato, the barbecue pit, Bose system equipped with satellite music, thongs and fitted tank tops, and short shorts.

Sable: Planet Hedonism is gonna be jumpin'! And I know you'll be rockin' the short shorts with those sexy legs of yours! Get it girl!!  How can our readers reach you?

Perri: You can visit me on my 


          E-Mail me @


Sable: Okay, Perri, last question. And probably the most important: Boxers, Briefs, or Commando?

Perri: Briefs to see the frame of the package; boxers for easy access. LOL!

Sable: There you have it! I want to thank Perri Forrest (aka Ms. Sexy Legs) for joining us today. Opening up the comments and questions now, so readers, ask away!