#SampleSunday to #LickMyInk

It's that time again! Sample Sunday!

 *Insert cheering crowd*

But first, an update. I've been a little lax with blogging only because there are some MAJOR things in the works... well, major for me. :) And I'm juggling five outlines and an edit while INKing a couple shorts for anthologies. This girl is tired. So the blog had to take a mini break.  

But I'm back, so let's move along to what you're here for, another LICK of MY INK!

This yummy taste comes from the current release, DIFFERENT SHADES OF GRAY, which is $3.99 right now! Woo Hoo!  And you can LICK 5 Chapters for free here.  


     Scott raised an inquisitive eyebrow and grinned, leaning against the machine and into my personal space. “I think your gray eyes are turning green, Charlie. Jealousy is sexy on you. But anything is sexy on you.” 

     “That's Doctor Charlie to you, bub,” I said, hitting him playfully on the arm. “And whatever you and Nancy do in your bedroom is your own business. Although her recounts of the encounter were quite descriptive.” 

     “Well, Doctor Charlie, you don‟t have to get the info second-hand if you want to know about my bedroom expertise. I‟m more than willing to give you a first-hand account,” he said silkily, staring me straight in the eyes. 

     “Did you miss sexual harassment training?” 

     “Both times.” 

     I shook my head and chuckled. “You‟re impossible.” 

     “Scott!” a voice shrieked across the empty cafeteria. “They told me you were here. Why haven‟t you called me back?” Nancy asked, making a beeline across the room toward us. 

     Scott‟s face dropped as he saw the woman approach. 

     “I take it she doesn‟t know the affair is over?” I murmured. 

     “Come on, Charlie. Dinner,” he pleaded quickly, risking life and limb and an angry Nancy to get this date. 

     “Sorry sweetie, I love you too much as a friend to ruin that. Now get out of here before Nancy rips you a new one,” I teased. “Proctology is not a specialty I want to go into, although you do have a cute butt.” 

     Scott smiled crookedly, hugged me briefly, and ran out like his cute ass was on fire. 


That's all for now, but what are you waiting for? Go forth and LICK MORE INK!