#SampleSunday lets you #LickMyInk

I'm posting a lick here, but if you know like I know, you can lick the first 78 pgs of my book for FREE! Today's Lick is from the recently released Different Shades of Gray:

   I mean, sure it's a God-given talent to slide from the top of a pole and drop into the splits on the floor and still manage to have all your lady bits intact, but did I really need to see that? 

      So anyhow, there I stood, awaiting the arrival of my jet-setting model sister so she could have her chance to be one of the twenty ladies chosen to fight, bitch, spit, scream, and scratch out their displays of affection for a total stranger—on national television. 

     Love. Ain't it grand?

That's all I'm allowed to post for now, but like I said, you can buy it now on your favorite eReader, or Lick more Ink for free: