Trippin' in Paradise

So I know it's been forever since I've blogged. Things haven't slowed down in a while. But I'm back! I'm actually on a working vacation in beautiful Palm Springs, CA. And by "beautiful" I mean scorching, sweltering, "the Devil's buying me a slurpee cause the thermostat's stuck on HELL" kinda heat. It's been 107 in the shade! Naturally there's no better way to spend your vacation -working or otherwise- than by catching a cold in the FLIPPIN' DESERT! Only me. The air is so dry, the heat so high, and these allergies are kickin my butt. All of that combined with moving from extreme heat to extreme air conditioning has managed to give me quite the sinus cold.

So as I've gone from outlet store to outlet store I've been miserable. What? You didn't think a little thing like a cold was gonna stop this girl from shopping, did you? There are some things women will push through in the name of a killer sale. A cold is just one example. I saw a number of people on crutches so apparently broken limbs are another. Add to the list cramps, complaints from the significant other, and lack of proper funding. We'll find a way.

I left Palm Springs to play hookie and drive to Vegas to catch Cirque's ZUMANITY. Awesome show. My mother was a little freaked, but what can I say? She's a trooper. So I recommend the show, but unless she's cool with burlesque I don't recommend taking mom. Here's a test. If you can explain the term "tea-bagging" and mom doesn't blush, you're good. Leaving Vegas we hit the outlets there. Then we hit the one in Barstow, and then the one in Palm Springs. Credit card is on fire!!

Anyhow, I do have great news! The cover for my first book DIFFERENT SHADES OF GRAY is done. I still don't have a release date from my publisher, Excessica, but that should just be a matter of time. In the meantime, I've nearly finished book two as well as a short, and I've got my outlines going for books 3, 4, & 5. So all in all, not a bad vacay. Managed to get some great jeans (like I needed another pair of jeans) and some more clothes and shoes for a really low price, saw a show, got some writing done, and I'm one step closer to my first release. Oh, and I got back to blogging. Not bad, huh? Now I just gotta figure out how to jam all this stuff into the tiny little suitcase I brought.

Going to sit on said suitcase.

I'll check in again really soon.

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