Authors wouldn’t be anywhere without our readers.  You might think that’s lip service, you might think I’m just jerking your chain when I send you that in e-mails, but it’s the absolute truth. The reason we authors do what we do —aside from making a living— is because of YOU, the reader.

But I don’t just want you to be on the outside looking in; purchasing the books, reading, and going on about your merry way. I want you to join me on this writing journey, because if not for readers like you, I wouldn’t get to do this writing thing in the first place. Your encouragement and kind reviews keep me going —even your critical reviews push me to get better at the craft so I can keep bringing you tales that you enjoy.

So, what better way to bring you on board than to invite you to be a part of my Launch Team, aka, the INK Squad? 

Like the email said, it’s super easy to join. Click the button below to join the INK Squad, and in return you’ll get:

  • Free advance preview copies of EVERYTHING I release — ebooks for now, audiobooks when I get around to those, and whatever format somebody dreams up in the future 
  • Cool prizes awarded each month. I’ll add your name to regular raffles to win signed paperback copies, gift cards to places like Amazon or Barnes and Nobles or iTunes, Kindle ereaders, and other cool swag. (This is in addition to the prize draws I run for my regular newsletter)

This is not the same as being on my mailing list. Nope, you’ll be a part of a group of super-awesome early readers. You’ll get advance copies of EVERYTHING before anyone else, and you get to see exactly what impact your support has on the success of my work.

Now you may be asking, but Sable, what’s the catch?

Well, I’ll tell you. 

First: You have to be a part of my mailing list, which you already are since that’s the only way you can get this message. (If you got here without being on the mailing list, I’ll probably delete you.)

Second: In exchange for all this awesomeness —the free reads, the chance to win sweet prizes, the undying gratitude of a certain indie author who’s trying to take over the writing world— all you’ll be asked to do is leave a review of the books you receive within a certain time period after you get your copy (usually 1 - 2 weeks).  Sound good? 

If you’d like to be a part of the team, just click the button below and sign up! (Note: please use the same email address you’ve signed up to the mailing list with)


Thanks for the support!

Sable Jordan